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AC Adapter Hidden Camera

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  • AC Adapter Hidden Camera with Hidden  SD Card Slot
  • All of the Accessories You Receive When You Purchase the AC Adapter Hidden Camera
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Product Description

The AC Adapter Hidden Camera is a fully self contained, all-in-one, covert video surveillance system designed to blend into any decor.  Most homes and offices have several ac adapters that power normal, everyday items.  Do a brief review of your home or office.  How many do you have?

This hidden camera can help tell a story that might not otherwise be told.

How Does It Work? 
A tiny pinhole lens captures a 78 degree field of view giving you a wide enough angle to capture an entire room.  The high resolution, color video is stored to a SD memory card hidden inside a secret compartment on the back of the ac adapter.  
An on board motion sensing circuit detects movement and only records when something is happening.  It goes back into standby mode after about a minute of non-activity. 
AC Adapter Hidden Camera Features
  • Self Recording -  No Need for Extra Wires Or Accessories
  • Onboard Expandable Memory -  4 GB and 8 GB SD Cards Included
  • 720 x 480  Resolution -  Crystal Clear Video Footage For Positive Identification
  • 30 FPS ( Frames Per Second) -  Real Time Full Motion Video
  • Motion Activated Recording -  No Dead Space When Reviewing Video
  • Obtains Power Directly from Your Electrical Outlet -  No Need for Batteries
This Hidden Camera is Available in 2 Versions
  • Standard Version
  • Advanced Version
The advanced version of this AC adapter hidden camera has the following additional features:
  •  On Screen Time and Date Stamping For Proof Positive Evidence Collection
  •  Continuous Record Mode For Situations Where Motion Activation Isn't Appropriate
  •  Adjustable Resolution So You Can Extend Your Record Time
  •  Direct Connection to A TV Monitor For Parameter Programming
Why This Hidden Camera
Most hidden cameras require some type of programming or intervention of some sort in order to get them working right out of the box. This specific camera is perfect for rapid deployment situations where time is of the essence. You can literally take this out of the box, insert the memory card, plug it into an outlet, and walk away. Knowing you can set up a hidden camera that a moments notice is the ultimate peace of mind.
 What's in the Box
 Both Versions Include
  • AC Adapter Hidden Camera With Pinhole Lens
  • Power Cord Attachment For Realistic Look and Feel
  • 4 GB SD Memory Card
  • Free 8 GB SD Memory Card Upgrade
  • Quick Start Instructions Sheet
Advanced Version Includes
  • RCA Connector Cable For TV Input Connection
  • USB Cable for PC or Mac Direct Connect
  • Infrared Remote Control for Programming And Activation
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Does this hidden camera record to itself?
A. It records to a removable SD memory card and can hold up to a 32 GB card.
Q. Will this work with my Mac or PC?
A. It will work with both Mac and PC computers.
Q. Does this camera have a time and date stamp on screen?
 A. The standard version does not, the advance version does.
Q. Is there a limit to how many I can use in one house or office?
A. You are limited only to the number of electrical outlets you have. This is not a wireless hidden camera so standard frequency limits do not apply.
Q. Does the power cord coming from the AC adapter actually work?
A. No, the power cord is a disguise only. It will not power any of your electrical devices.
Q. Where is the camera actually located on this AC adapter?
A. It is located behind the lower portion of the label between  the + in the - inside the C.

Product Videos

AC Adapter Hidden Camera: How to set your time and date overlay. By Lawmate (01:48)
Lawmate AC Adapter Hidden Camera: How to set the time and date overlay on your AC adapter hidden camera.
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