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Baseball Cap Undercover Camera

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    • The Baseball Cap Hidden Camera from Lawmate is a high quality body worn spy camera with a pinhole CCD camera facing forward. There is a Velcro pocket inside the That is designed to hold a small DVR so there will be no visible wires. Full-color video is captured using a 4.3mm lens that gives you a 78° field of view. Use this Baseball cap camera for undercover drug stings, prostitution stings, alcohol enforcement, or any other covert mission that requires high quality video capture.


      You MUST use a Lawmate Portable DVR with this Camera
      This is NOT a Stand Alone Covert Camera



      • High-Quality Baseball Cap Undercover Camera
      • One-Size-Fits-All Velcro Strap For Sizing
      • 450 Lines of Resolution Color CCD Camera
      • Tiny 4.3 Mm  Pinhole Lens With A 78° Field of View
      • Built in Velcro Pouch To Conceal Your Pocket DVR

      What's in the Box

      • Undercover Camera With 2.5 Mm Video Connection
      •  9 V Battery Holder
      • 2.5 Mm Female to RCA Female Adapter for Use with a Non-Lawmate DVR      

      Why This Undercover Camera?
      Undercover cameras come in all shapes and sizes for all types of situations.  No one surveillance situation is the same. What works today might not work tomorrow so you need to be prepared with the best possible surveillance camera you can buy. This cap camera is made by Lawmate to law enforcement specifications. This is not your average cap surveillance camera as it was developed with law enforcement personnel in mind. Trust your evidence to the Lawmate brand.
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q. Does This Undercover Camera Record to Itself?
      A. No, This Camera Requires a Pocket DVR. We Recommend The Lawmate PV 500 Line of DVR's
      Q. Are there any visible wires?
      A. There is a small cable that plugs into a DVR. If you use the Lawmate PV 500 DVR you can store the DVR in the secret Velcro pouch inside the cap.

      Q. I am tall or taller than the average person. Will this Work for me?
      A. We have found that taller people have trouble using this camera. The lens tends to came up slightly so if you are taller than average this might not be your best choice. 


      Tech Note: Use this camera turned facing behind your head, position your pocket DVR inside a book or magazine and you can inconspicuously capture surveillance video without your target knowing or becoming suspicious.

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