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Camera Hunter - Wireless Camera Finder

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    • Hunting for wireless hidden cameras has never been easier. Our Camera Hunter is designed with an extended wireless detection range, multiple RF antennas and a 2.5 inch LCD display. Combined these features allow you to intercept the signal from a wireless hidden camera.

      Once you have intercepted the wireless hidden camera signal an image of the video from the camera with appear on the Camera Hunter’s LCD display. This means, you can see what the hidden camera sees. Now you you have the evidence to locate and remove this unwanted hidden camera threat.

      On the Hunt

      Intercept wireless cameras that transmit across a wide range (900 MHz - 6 GHz). The Camera Hunter can scan the entire range manually, automatically, or lock onto known frequencies using multiple detection modes. Use the lock detection mode anytime you see an image blip on the LCD display. Doing so will improve detection speed and accuracy. Nothing will help you locate and remove wireless hidden cameras faster.





      • Intercepts wireless hidden cameras

      • Extended detection range

      • Multi-antenna system

      • 200 ft detection distance

      • 2.5 inch LCD display

      • Displays live video from camera

      • Handheld

      • Rechargeable battery

      • Multiple detection modes


      2.5 inch LCD Display
      3 Detection Modes: Manual, Auto, Lock
      Detects up to 200 ft. away
      Antenna 1 - Detects 900MHZ - 3.0GHz
      Antenna 2 - Detects 5.0GHz - 6.0GHz
      Alerts - Beep & Vibrate
      2 Hour Battery Life
      AV Output
      Headphone Jack
      Detects Video and Audio


      Camera Hunter
      AV Output Cable
      5V Power Supply
      2 Antennas
      Product Manual


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    1. Wireless Camera Loser

      It couldn't detect my own camera. on 15th Jun 2018

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