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GPS940 iTrail Connect Real-Time 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

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    • The most powerful and long lasting 4G GPS tracking device on the market, the iTrail® Connect features a rugged waterproof/shockproof housing with a built-in rechargeable battery and magnetic mounting system. Nothing is built to withstand the elements or power more than real-time GPS tracking like the iTrail® Connect. With the utilization of WPS (WiFi Positioning Satellite), our devices gives accurate positioning within a few feet indoors and outdoors. Never lose sight of valuable intelligence, with the most powerful location system. Small in size with the magnetic body, this tracker makes it easy to attach or slip in anywhere. The iTrail® Connect comes standard with wireless charging, no ports help keep this device waterproof.

       iTrail® Connect Real-Time 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker - Fleet and Asset Tracking



      Best Enhanced Position Technology

      iTrail® Connect is outfitted with the best enhanced positioning technology. It can connect to any global satellite pinpointing the location outdoors up to 16ft of accuracy. Most devices have a hard time working indoors, ours don’t. They come equipped with WPS (WiFi Positioning System), capability allowing for up to 100 ft. of accuracy inside.

      WiFi Assist sets our devices a part from the rest. Google has mapped out every WiFi location, iTrail utilizes this information. Like newer smart devices it will default to WiFi assist when it is within WiFi range. The iTrail stays connected even when a cellular tower signal is low, the wifi location data helps boost the trackers signal to push location updates to the tracking platform based on the coordinates for the wifi router it's closest to.

      The breadcrumbs feature, saves battery life so, if you don’t need live turn by turn updates, we recommend making the time between updates lengthier and enabling breadcrumbs on your iTrail device. The result turns your active tracker into a passive tracker. Breadcrumbs log all the trip data to the device and will send the tracking history to your tracking platform when you device is scheduled to update, rather than constantly pinging a tower to update every location.


      Long Lasting Battery Keeps you Tracking for Months or Years

      Our iTrail® Connect is designed to track for months at a time without needing to be retrieved or recharged. With the ability to go into ultra-low standby mode, you can get months to years of tracking on a single charge depending on your location updates.


      Battery Optimization

      iTrail GPS Trackers come standard with a rechargeable battery, that means you’ll never have to buy or replace the battery to keep your device working. Just put your device on the charger every time it runs out of juice. The more the device works, the quicker it will run out of battery.

      To save battery life on your device we suggest setting up a “safe zone” or “geo-fence” to limit the amount your device updates. This means your device will not update at that location, it will push notifications/updates once the iTrail GPS tracker has left that location. We suggest setting up these zones at home, work, school or any frequented locations. Once the tracker is on the move it will update its location until it returns to the safe zone.

      Another trick for conserving battery life is to limit the frequency of updates. This means every time your device pings a tower/wifi location it will send an update/notification from the device to the tracking platform. Unless you need live turn by turn updates, you can turn your iTrail GPS tracker into a logger device. That means it will use breadcrumbs for updates, for quick tracking you can adjust settings to 10 second (or longer) updates. The less frequent your location updates for your device the longer your battery will last. Our iTrail GPS Trackers are built to go into ultra-low standby modes to get the longest life between charges. The more frequent the updates the faster the battery will drain. Ultimately, depending on the tracking needs, it will be up to the users discretion to control how frequent the iTrail updates which determines the battery’s longevity.


      Asset Tracking - Vehicle Tracking - Everything Tracking

      Unlimited Subscription

       Unlimited Data

       Full Customized Tracking Updates

       Receive Alerts

       Generate Reports

      One Price $29.95/month

      Your iTrail® Connect uses 4G LTE with 2G and WiFi Assist to bring you the most reliable, worldwide coverage in zone 1, some restrictions apply. (see the map below). 

      Please Note: Once your tracker has been installed, it may take up to 24 hours for it to connect to the cellular network and begin reporting. Also note that this unit does not track outside the US. If service is inactive for 60 days or more, the device may need to be returned for reactivation.

      Mobile Updates

      Start by downloading the iTrail® GPS mobile app to any iOS or Android device and begin receiving mobile tracking updates on all your devices. The iTrail® GPS tracking software will collect and report to you, saving valuable time and energy.

                   iTrail GPS App

      Download the iTrail Live App from Apple StoreDownload the iTrail Live App from Google Store


      • 4G LTE-M & NBIoT with 2G Fallback
      • WPS (WiFi Positioning System)
      • Integrated SIM card
      • Built-in Magnetic, Waterproof (IP67) & Shockproof Body
      • 70 lbs. Magnetic Body ([2] 30-45 lbs. Magnets)
      • Ultra-Low Standby Mode
      • Long-Lasting Battery up to 15 years depending on Update Settings
      • SOS
      • GEO-Fencing
      • Tracking Reports
      • Powerful control Panel to view all devices on a single screen
      • FREE Mobile iTrail GPS App (iOS & Android devices)
      • In App Live View
      • Satellite View
      • Google Map View
      • Battery Level Indicator
      • In App historical playback
      • Alerts
      • Multiple devices under one account
      • Customizable push alerts
      • Customizable tracker settings
      • Flight mode
      • Units of measure can be imperial or metric
      • Easy to switch options on the fly in App
      • Ability to add new device within the app
      • Wireless Charging
      • Subscription Required


      • Motion Tracking Update: 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins & 15 mins
      • Online Reporting
      • Shock Proof
      • Indoor Positioning Capability using WPS (WiFi Positioning System)
      • Ultra Low Standby Current
      • Waterproof
      • Multiple Devices Under One Account
      • Last GPS Connection Notation
      • Last GPS Update Notation
      • Last Location Notation
      • Push Alert Log
      • Push Alert Options
      • In App Historical Playback
      • Battery Level Indicator
      • Geo-Fence
      • Google Map View
      • Satellite View
      • In-App Live View
      • 70 lbs. Magnetic Body [2] 30-45 lbs. Magnets


      • iTrail GPS Device
      • iTrail Charger
      • iTrail Serial Number
      • iTrail Subscription Plan (Separate but Required)
      • iTrail GPS App (Download free from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store)
      • iTrail GPS Web Platform (
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