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HD USB Flash Drive Camera w/ 10 Hour Battery

  • Discreet enough to be carried around or left behind, the HD USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera delivers security under any condition. We recommend deploying the HD USB Flash Drive camera for on-the-go investigations, or to covertly record your clients office. The 10 hour rechargeable battery, motion activated camera, and rotating camera head provide needed versatility for hard to manage case files.


    • 720p HD camera

    • Built-in DVR

    • 10 hour rechargeable battery

    • 90° rotating camera head

    • Free external battery pack

    • Motion or continuous recording

    • Supports upto 128GB micro memory card

    • Stationary or on-the-go recording

    720p HD DVR

    Built-in to the HD Flash Drive Hidden camera is a 720p color camera that records onto an internal DVR. Flip the switch and alternate between continuous or motion activated recording. The files you create are conveniently stored onto a removable memory card. The max memory card capacity is 128GB, worth over 16 hours of recording time. Video playback can be conducted on a Windows or iOS computer by inserting the flash drive or the memory card.

    10 Hour Rechargeable Battery

    Normally a device this small will net 2 hours of battery life. The HD USB Flash Drive destroys the norm, offering up to 10 hours of battery life. Simply dock the compact external battery to the USB connector, no wires, no complicated assembly, just a seathless boost to the battery.

    Rotating Camera Head

    The HD USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera has a camera head that can rotate 90°. This means you can record in the horizontal or vertical position improving the precision of the videos you capture.


    Video Format: MJPG AVI
    Bit Rate: 16.4 Mbps
    Frame Rate Max 30fps
    Battery Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
    Battery Charging time 2 hours
    Memory up to 128 micro TF Card
    Recording times 2 hrs/16GB , 4 hrs/ 32GB; 8 hrs/64GB, 16hrs/128GB
    Battery Continuous mode 2 hours internal battery and 5 hours with external battery
    Battery Life Motion Detection 4 hours internal battery and 10 hours with the external battery


    USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera
    Metal Clip
    Battery pack

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