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PV-FM20HDWI Digital Clock WiFi Hidden Camera DVR

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    • This Digital Clock WiFi Hidden Camera is sleek and small but don’t let the size fool you. Under the hood of this innocent appearing desk clock is a surveillance system so sophisticated that you can view live video in pitch-black darkness from across the world on your Smartphone.

      Watch Live Video Using Your
      Smartphone From Across The World!

      The PV-FM20HDWI is a hidden camera system designed by Lawmate to give you the best possible hidden camera footage with 1080P resolution.

      Turn WiFi On and Off As Needed

      All of the controls for the system are cleverly hidden inside a compartment on the back. Using this intuitive control panel you will be able to select from motion activated or continuous recording, infrared on or off, and turn the WiFi option on or off.


      Control, Playback, Archive, and Erase with the App

      The free app gives you complete control over your hidden camera from within your own network so you can change your most important settings without ever having to touch the clock itself. View recorded videos and archive them to your smart phone or tablet then erase them just as easily.


      • IP Based Desk Clock Hidden Camera
      • 1080P / 720P / 480P Selectable Quality
      • 1920 X 1080 / 1280 X 720 / 848 X 480
      • Night Vision Option for No Light Recording
      • 78.2 Degree Field of View
      • Time / Date Stamp Overlay
      • Record Modes: Motion Detect / Continuous
      • .MOV File Format
      • Uses up to a 32GB SD Card – 16GB Included
      • 500 Min / GB is Consumed at 1080P Resolution
      • Powered by a 5V Power Supply – NOT BATTERY POWERED
      • Dimensions: 3.125” X 6.375” X 1.563”


      In The Box:

      • Hidden Camera Desk Clock
      • USB Cable
      • 5V Power Supply
      • 2 AAA Batteries to Power the Clock
      • European Adapter
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    1. good products with some very disappointing features.

      Product is great and works as advertised on site. What the site does not say however, is that if your phone is not on a wifi connection, you cannot view or do anything with the clock cam. At first I thought this was a minor issue. But I noticed that not only can you not view your live/ previously recorded videos using your phones 3G network, the clock will also not give you any notifications when it detects movement unless. This i find to be a major issue as I cannot always be in a WIFI setting. While at work I often have no WIFI. and not being able to receive detection alerts at all times makes this camera not worth the price i paid.

      Overall Good product. BUT is not reliable unless you can be in a WIFI setting 24/7. Using your phones 3G network does not work. Being on a different WIFI network then the one you camera is set up to also does not allow you to monitor the activity 100%.
      on 21st Aug 2017

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