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Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracker - iTrail® Convoy Hardwired

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    • Tracking your fleet in real-time is a real asset to any business with a convoy of vehicles. Our iTrail® Convoy is a hardwired real-time tracker engineered to place you in the driverseat of every vehicle in your fleet.

      To keep you up to speed the iTrail® Convoy syncs with a reliable mobile network to provide accurate and detailed tracking information. The detailed tracking info can be viewed live from a mobile device or computer. Our tracking software will also provide historical reporting that will date back 90 days. Together these features combine to bring you live visibility and historical accountability across every vehicle in your fleet.

      In case of emergency, the iTrail® Convoy contains a 12 hour backup battery which provides more than enough time to locate a downed vehicle, saving you precious time and money.

      Benefiting Your Business

      Use the iTrail® Live mobile and web-based tracking software to analyze your fleet activity. You might be amazed to find out what real-time tracking data can do to benefit your business.

      ✔ Become a more efficient fleet using iTrail® Live reporting

      ✔ Improve customer response time

      ✔ Plan routes to save on expensive fuel bills

      ✔ Limit your liability by setting up excessive speeding alerts

      ✔ Establish goals that will bring out the best in your team’s performance


      • Up to the second real-time GPS Tracking

      • Fleet access from anywhere at anytime

      • Free Mobile App and Web-Based Tracking software

      • No Contracts

      • Annual service discounts

      • Hardwired tracking

      • 12 hour backup battery

      • Powered by Verizon’s CDMA network

      • Text Message(SMS) Alerts

      • Arrival Alerts

      • Departure Alerts

      • Low Battery Alerts

      • Excessive Speed Alerts

      • Geofencing

      • Historical Playback

      • Text Reports

      • PC/MAC Compatible

      • Navigation Feature

      • LiveShare Feature 

      Real-Time Mobile Updates

      Start by downloading the iTrail® Live mobile to receive real time gps tracking updates to your mobile device from anywhere at anytime.

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      Don’t have mobile access? No problem. iTrail Live offers a convenient web-based login point that can be accessed from any computer at anytime.

      Reliable and Affordable Data Coverage

      Your iTrail® Convoy uses Verizon’s CDMA mobile network to provide reliable, nationwide coverage. Our coverage plans are billed monthly without obligation of a long-term contract.

      We offer a variety of plans to suit your businesses needs:

      - iTrail® Convoy Business $29.95/month with 1 minute updates

      - iTrail® Convoy Business Plus $34.95/month with 30 seconds updates

      - iTrail® Convoy Business Pro $39.95/month with 10 second updates

      - iTrail® Convoy Annual Business (1 Free month) $329.45/year with 1 minute updates


      CELLULAR: Data Support SMS CDMA/1XRTT
      Transmitter Power CDMA/1XRTT CDMA BC0: Power class 3
      (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT CDMA BC1: Power class 2 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
      Operating Bands (MHz) CDMA 1xRTT: 800/1900
      CDMA 1xRTT Data Rates 153.6Kbps upload/153.6Kbps download
      ENVIRONMENTAL; Temperature -20º to +70º C (operating) -40º to +85º C (storage)
      Humidity 95%RH @ 50º C non-condensing
      RoHS Compliant
      GPS: Location Technology 50 channel GPS (with SBAS) SBAS: WAAS
      Location Accuracy 2.0 meter CEP (with SBAS) Tracking Sensitivity -160dBm
      Acquisition Sensitivity -147dB
      AGPS Capable
      Up to 10 GPIOs, 1 UART + 1 debug, 1 ADC, USB 2.0 FS


      Convoy Base Unit
      Wiring Harness


      Q. What are the next steps after I make my purchase?
      A. Your order will be processed within 1-2 business days. While the product is in route you will receive an email from which will provide your username and password and the steps to follow to setup your Real-Time tracking account. We recommend downloading the iTrail Live mobile app as soon as possible. iTrail Live mobile will provide on-the-go live monitoring on Apple or Android any mobile.

      Q. Do I have to sign a contract when I sign up for a data plan?
      A. No, iTrail Live bills you for data month by month, meaning you can cancel your service at anytime.

      Q. What is a Geofence?
      A. Geofence is a defined boundary that allow alerts to be triggered when a GPS device passed in or out of the boundary. The boundaries are set by you, and can be customized in shape of a circle or a square. Geofences are often used to create boundaries around a specific location to be monitored for entry and exit.

      Q. Can I run historical reporting that will provide the tracking devices location from a prior date?
      A. Yes, iTrail Live features a tracking software that provide historical playback. You’ll be able to look back upto 90 days if needed.

      Q. With the iTrail Endurance do I need an extra case if I want magnet mount or weather-resistant features?
      A. No, the iTrail Endurance is features a weather resistant outer housing, with magnets that are built within in the housing. These feature make the iTrail Endurance one of the best, and most complete battery operated Real-Time GPS vehicle tracking devices.

      Q. How do I view my device once it’s moving?
      A. There are two ways to access the live monitoring. You can login to from any computer in the world or you can use your mobile device and our free Real-Time GPS tracking mobile app to access live monitoring on the go.

      Q. Where should the antenna be mounted?
      A. For peak accuracy we recommend mounting the antenna where it will have the clearest visibility of the sky. This may vary from vehicle to vehicle, however, some suggestions may include the dashboard, rooftop, rear window (internal/external).

      Q. Does hardwired mean I have to install a wiring harness into my vehicle’s electrical system?
      A. Yes, the iTrail® Convoy includes a wiring harness that requires installation in order to power the device. We recommend hiring a nearby car audio installer to perform the iTrail® Convoy installation - they have proven to be the most reliable installers of hardwired GPS in our experience.

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