E1090 iTrail® Roc Box with Solo

Roc Box - Waterproof Magnetic Case

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    • The tried and true Roc Box is strong a magnetic & waterproof case. Easy to quickly stash keys, valuables or gps during an operation. The easy-to-open latch makes the contained items readily accessible. The matte finish gives it the covert look to hide anywhere without having reflective surface. Even with the weight of the magnets, this case will float, you won't have to worry about it sinking. Whatever you use it for the items contained will have the ultimate protection against weather, corrosion, fine particles such as dust or sand, moisture-free or smell proof with it's engineered tough sealed design.


      Roc Box - Waterproof Magnetic Case




      Covert Attachment

      This case makes for easy rapid deployment. The double built-in 80 lbs. magnets allow for attachment anywhere giving a stronghold of defense against the elements. You'll never have to worry if the bumpy terrain shifts the device lose, it'll stay attached.  

      Built for the Elements
      Weatherproof seal surrounds the perimeter of the lid and body, keeping all the contents dry and clean with the IP66 Waterproof buoyant material. Don't worry about the rough or wet terrain, the Roc Box is built for long term protection and surveillance.


      • Made to fit our iTrail Solo or Button GPS Trackers
      • Use it to hide any of your valuables
      • Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof
      • Two magnets hold with 80lbs of force
      • Matte finish
      • Stash anything you need to hide
      • Perfect for hiding keys for your boat or RV
      • Internal foam cushion prevents rattling and impact
      • Great for keeping valuable hidden and protected from moisture


      • 80-Pound Direct Pull Magnetic Force Rating
      • KEEPS CONTENTS DRY - Weatherproof Seal Surrounds the Perimeter of the Lid and Body
      • Waterproof IP66 Material
      • Buoyant
      • Crushproof, Dustproof, Smell proof
      • Matt Proof finish
      • Material: ABS Plastics, suitable for long term protection and surveillance
      • Easy open latch


      • Roc Box Case
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