Travel Mug HD Hidden Camera DVR

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    • Travel Mug HD Hidden Camera DVR

      The PV-MG10 Travel Mug HD Hidden Camera DVR is a fully self-contained surveillance system built to look like an ordinary travel mug you would put water or coffee in. The entire DVR and camera system is mounted in the top lid of the mug. Capture HD quality video wherever you go.

      This new version has an upgraded battery life of 3.5 hours and a six-hour standby life with enhanced motion activation.

      Features and Specifications

      • Travel Mug HD Hidden Camera DVR
      • 1920 X 1080 HD Resolution
      • Battery Life up to 3.5 Hours
      • Six Hour Standby Battery Life
      • Motion Sensing Recording
      • 65° Field of View
      • 32 GB MicroSD Card Accepted – An 8 GB MicroSD Card Included
      • Time and Date Stamp Overlay
      • Includes Decoy Lid And One Hidden Camera DVR Lid
      • Vibration Feedback For Positive Confirmation Of Activation


      1 Year Warranty and FREE Technical Support
      All Lawmate™ products carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime support.



      Q. Can I pour water in the stainless steel mug?

      A. Yes, the stainless steel mug can be used to drink from. However, the decoy should be used whenever water has been poured into the mug.


      Q. Can I use the hidden camera top even if it is not attached to the mug?

      A. Yes, this hidden camera top is an all-in-one device and does not have to be used with the mug to work. We even think that the top can be moved around from location to location, or intentionally left behind to record.


      Q. How long is the battery life?

      A. Our new model offers 3.5 hours of continuous battery power, or can be powered for up to 6 hours on standby


      Q. What is the benefit of adjusting the recording resolution to a lower quality?

      A. While you may prefer the quality that 1080p HD resolution provides, lowering the recording quality to 720p will create smaller files and will save much needed storage on portable surveillance jobs.



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