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Keychain Hidden Camera From Lawmate

Keychain Hidden Camera DVR

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  • A favorite of law enforcement professionals as well as secret shoppers worldwide. The Keychain hidden camera DVR from Lawmate is a portable surveillance system in the palm of your hand. Lawmate is notorious for giving you options in this amazing little hidden camera is no different. With adjustable resolution, single button image capture, in the longest battery life in category, you will be amazed at the video produced by this little gem. Charge and download via your USB port on your PC.

    With 3 hours of battery life virtually no surveillance job is too long for this camera.


    • 640 x 480 Lines of Resolution Keychain Hidden Camera
    • 1280 x 1024 Hi Resolution Photo Still Shot Mode
    • Internal Rechargeable Battery Charges through USB Port
    • Switch from Analog to Digital Capture Mode For Higher-Quality Images
    • Change from Regular Video Mode to HD Quality Easily
    • Connects to Your Computer's USB Port for Download
    • Time and Date Stamp For Proof Positive Surveillance
    • 3 Hours of Battery Life
    • 3 Hours of Video or 4000 Still Photos
    • Vibration Feedback For Easy Status Notification -  Know When You're Recording and When You're Not
    Detailed Specifications
    •  MPEG-4 Video Format Stores in AVI
    • Video Resolution Is 640 x 480 at 30 Frames per sec
    • Photo Resolution Is 1280 x 1024 With JPEG Format
    • Battery Life Is 190 Min. With a Three-Hour Charging Time
    • Uses Micro-SD Cards For Storage Of Video and Photos
    • Dimensions 35 x 71 x 16 Mm Weighing Just 34 G
    What's in the Box
    • Lawmate Brand Keychain Hidden Camera With Blank Key
    • 4 GB Micro SD Card
    • USB Cable for Video/Photo Transfer and Charging
    • AC Power Adapter
    • Instruction Booklet
    Why This Camera?
    There is not really anyone that couldn't benefit from this keychain hidden camera by Lawmate. If you have already purchased other keychain cameras off the Internet and were disappointed don't worry, this one was designed for law enforcement use and is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Vibration feedback lets you know when the camera is on, recording, stopped recording, and has captured images in photo mode. This gives you an added sense of security knowing that you don't have to look for status indication lights in front of your surveillance target.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Does this hidden camera record to itself?
    A. Yes, this is a self-contained hidden camera system that stores video to an internal micro memory card.
    Q. Is this hidden camera Mac compatible?
    A. Yes, this camera can be viewed by your Mac computer. Additional software may be required in some circumstances.
    Q. How long does the battery last?
    A. About 3 hours.
    Q. Can I plug this into an AC outlet and let it power it for more than 3 hours?
    A. No, the power adapter is just for charging.

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    Lawmate KeyChain Key Fob Digital Video Hidden Camera with video example - LawMate KeyChain Key Fob Digital Video Camera operation example with real video footage from a hot air balloon ride. DVR Self Recording Camera records hidden video from a device that looks just like a car alarm remote control.
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    1. Great covert camera

      I bought this for work over a year ago and it is amazing. I am a private investigator, and I use this thing everyday. I don't have to worry about charging it or about the battery dying on me. The battery lasts really long, about 3 hours and so I charge it maybe once a week. I know people who have spent less on other products, however those same people have all called me saying that their stuff broke. Invest. This place makes great stuff and I will definitely be buying other cameras when I need them.

      Private Investigator (Canada)
      on 22nd Nov 2012

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