• 25 Day Standby Digital Voice Recorder
    25 Day Standby Digital Voice Recorder
    25 Days of Standby and 15 Hours of Recording This digital voice recorder has an amazing internal microphone that captures crystal-clear audio in the toughest conditions, but that's just one of the awesome features. No other...
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  • 25 Day Battery USB Voice Recorder
    288 Hour USB Voice Recorder w/ 25 Day Battery
    Our USB Voice Recorder features the battery power and storage capacity to capture long term audio surveillance. No other design is more covert, offers more battery life, and feature easier operation. Use the endless...
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  • USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder
    Audio Recorder - USB Flash Drive
    Being a professional investigator doesn’t always require complicated equipment. Our USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder is professional, simple-to-use and gets right to the point. Featuring a 4 hour rechargeable battery,...
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  • Keyfob Digital Voice Recorder by AR-100
    Keyfob Digital Voice Recorder
    The KeyFob AR-100 Digital Voice Recorder by Lawmate™ looks like an automotive alarm remote but is really a super sensitive audio recorder capable of recording up to 15 hours on a single charge. Use your PC or MAC to...
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  • Special Agent Voice Recording Pen
    Special Agent Voice Recording Pen
    If you’re an enforcement agent nothing will match the quality and reliability of our Special Agent Voice Recorder Pen. Having a reliable audio recording device is essential and in some cases a necessity. Why...
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  • Voice Activated Recorder
    Voice Activated Recorder USB Stick
    Voice Activated USB Stick Recorder NOW WITH UPGRADED 8GB STORAGEAND TIME / DATE STAMP Record voice conversations for up to 15 hours per charge or up to 70 hours when used with a USB power source or computer. The Voice...
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