• 1080p WiFi Stick  Cam (body worn)
    Body Cam - 1080p WiFi Stick Camera
    Our body camera features a battery operated 1080p WiFi DVR system that was designed to capture video evidence whether you’re leading an investigation or out on patrol. When duty calls, simply press your palm across...
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  • HD USB Flash Drive Camera
    HD USB Flash Drive Camera w/ 10 Hour Battery
    Discreet enough to be carried around or left behind, the HD USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera delivers security under any condition. We recommend deploying the HD USB Flash Drive camera for on-the-go investigations, or to...
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  • Hidden Camera iPhone Case w/ 1080p WiFi DVR
    Hidden Camera iPhone Case w/ 1080p HD WiFi
    Outsmart the crowd In a crowd where people are hypersensitive to being recorded by a smartphone, take your surveillance undercover and use the Hidden Camera iPhone Case with 1080p HD WiFi.Featuring a high resolution 1080p...
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  • Prima Facie Police Body Cam
    Prima Facie Police Body Cam
    Exhibiting the ability to record video, take high resolution stills, or only record audio, the Prima Facie body worn camera is able to provide the most appropriate evidence collecting solution. With an integrated...
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  • Lawmate PV-RC300M Professional HD Micro Camcorder
    Professional HD Micro Camcorder
    Micro HD Camcorder Designed by Lawmate, this micro camcorder is only 1.4 inches in height but can record HD video up to 1280 x 960 with audio. Never before has a camera this small and this well constructed been offered...
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  • Lawmate PV-50HD2W Police Body Cam
    PV-50HD2W Police Body Cam with WiFi
    The PV-50HD2W is a Police Body Cam designed by Lawmate uses a 5MP pinhole camera to record video in 1080P resolution. The built-in WiFi interface lets you access the camera in the field from your SmartPhone or Tablet with...
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