7 signs that employees may be stealing from you.

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  • 1.Watch for coins left on top of the cash register. Loose pennies nickels or dimes. This may be the way a thief keeps the score of what money they will take. If an item was not rung in that cost $10.00 the cash is in the register until the end of the night. A dime is placed on the ledge so the thief knows how much to pocket later.

  • 2.Employees who balance exactly all the time all of the sudden. Most people will make some mistakes. A few pennies here and there. Someone who has a perfect record might be worth looking at. It does seem counterproductive to check when they are balancing, unless they have been balancing perfect the whole time, exact balance of cash every time is unlikely.

  • 3.Volunteering for the worst shifts, and shifts where management is lacking. The less people around the easier it is to take money, stock or just do nothing and get paid. Some people need these shifts for personal or family reasons but many just think they can scam the system.

  • 4.Higher shift profits on off days or sick days. An employee who takes just a few dollars every day does not really change the way reports show profits. Just 20 dollars a day will become $5000 dollars a year. But if they take it every time they work, it keeps the numbers even. Check the last 10 or 12 shifts on days off to see if they regularly make more money.

  • 5.Keep an eye on the time clock. Time theft is a big loss for many companies. If you are paying someone who is not there it’s a complete waste of money. Look for time cards that punch in at exactly the same time every time 2 friends who clock each other in when they are late can cost thousands of dollars.

  • 6.Employees that friends visit on a regular basis need to be watched for improper item entry. Your employee may ring up 1 pack of cigarettes and give a carton to their friend. The same goes for drinks. One way to avoid this is the use of a barcode system. Then track the scan rate for each cashier.

  • 7. Taking out the trash. Keep an eye on the trash cans and what gets tossed in. It is easy to toss a few items into the trash and cover them with paper. The bags are then taken outside and picked up by the employee after work. This is very common at restaurants.