Digital Voice Recorders hidden voice recorders and Phone recorders

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Digital voice recorders

Voice recorders also known as audio recorders are available almost anywhere. Covert digital recorders are more a specialized device but most all digital audio recorders perform the same way.

Why do I care if I get recorded?


Many people say “they can record me all day they will be bored out of their minds.” This may be true but in a daily conversation you could give away important details about your life that someone might take advantage of. An innocent conversation about family or friends may include information invaluable to hackers or id thieves.

What Voice recorders are out there?

Recorders can be hidden in many devices this one for example: A car key with a digital recorder built in.

Hidden voice recorder car key this device is a regular looking car key but doubles as a voice recorder. Battery operated, it will charge in 30 minutes and record for about 7 hours. The internal memory will hold 18 hours of recordings.

Are there Other Types of voice recorders?

There are many different types of recorders. Some used for recording telephones, phone recorders can be used for customer service reps or taking notes. Other audio recorders can be used to take interviews or record important facts to be transcribed at a later time. Private investigators sometimes use a record to keep notes to wire more accurate reports. Recorders like this portable digital voice recorder are self contained, battery powered and files can be easily transferred to a MAC or PC.