​Law enforcement covert video equipment

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You have work to do. Wasting time searching for surveillance equipment, that may or may not work when you need it most, is not how you want to spend your day. offers Lawmate covert and body worn devices, designed for law enforcement. Lawmate international is the leader in providing rugged professional grade products, specifically designed for undercover evidence collection work.

Lawmate PV-500ECO2

We understand that Dependable equipment is required for all types of undercover work. The last thing you need is an equipment failure during a one time opportunity to obtain vital evidence.

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video is worth a conviction. Our lawmate DVRS use memory card based recordings divided into  10 min increments. This is intentional so that even if you have a bad sector on the card you will still have multiple other sections. 

Some body worn DVR and camera kits also feature a wifi connection. You can connect locally to the device P2P  ( peer -to- peer) or use a wireless router to create a network that will allow you to see what the camera sees from anywhere 

LM2000 complete surveillance kit

you can connect to wifi with your smart device.

Many different styles are available from Keychains to clocks and eye glasses offers the full line of covert cameras for you.

Not sure what you need?  Give us a call we can help you decide , answer questions , send quotes or take your order over the phone.