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Delta S Countersurveillance Sweeping System

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      The Delta S is an easy to use sweeping system that reliably detects all types of RF surveillances up to 6 GHz, with a special mode to detect cellular jamming devices.  The Delta S also has a background masking feature which will reject friendly known signals such as television, radio, mobile base stations, etc., making it even easier to detect unwanted GSM, 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G, Bluetooth, WiFi, DECT and all others in the range up to 6 GHz.



      • Quickly and reliably detects all types of RF surveillance devices in the range up to 6 GHz, including analog, digital, working continuously and periodically, transmitting audio or video, with or without encryption
      • Finds and identifies covert surveillance devices which use the digital standards GSM, 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT and others in the range up to 6 GHz
      • Analyzes Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi 5 GHz, Bluetooth, “Bluetooth LE” and “Bluetooth LE Advertising” channels
      • The background masking feature allows you to reject friendly signals such as television, radio, mobile base stations, etc., and focus on finding local signals that pose a danger
      • Can be quickly adjusted to the local frequency allocation in the country of use (mobile and wireless bands)
      • High-speed spectrum updating and wide real-time bandwidth (RTBW) provide the ability to register short-burst signals
      • Search modes include: "All Signals", "Mobile/GPS trackers", "Wireless/ISM" and "Custom", as well as two additional modes for the inspection of suspicious bands or signals
      • Two antenna inputs and built-in antenna switch provide maximum sensitivity over the entire frequency range
      • Unlimited number of logs, each can contain an unlimited history of events
      • Unlimited number of logs, each can contain an unlimited history of events
      • The audio alarm warns the user about the presence of danger with a sound of variable intensity
      • The attenuator simplifies location of powerful transmitters
      • The "Hold maximum danger" feature automatically displays the most dangerous band or signal
      • Demodulation of audio in AM/FM mode
      • Works with, and is powered by, a laptop or tablet (not included)
      • Has convenient magnetic system for attaching the laptop / tablet to the main unit


      • Frequency range 57-6000 MHz
      • Sweeping speed 8 GHz per second
      • ADC resolution 12 bit
      • Sensitivity -85 dB
      • Dynamic range 80 dB (with attenuator)
      • Displayed signal level -90…-10 dB
      • Real-time bandwidth (RTBW) 27 MHz
      • Format Handheld unit
      • Platform SDR by Analog Device
      • Antenna inputs INPUT 1 – SMA, 57-2000 MHz INPUT 2 – SMA, 2000-6000 MHz
      • Searching modes and time of update • All signals (~0.8 s) • Mobile/GPS trackers (~0.2 s) • Wireless/ISM (~0.3 s) • Inspect band/signal (~0.1-0.2 s)
      • Visual elements (panels) • Level • Spectrum + Waterfall • Alarms
      • Demodulation AM and FM with bandwidth 5, 15, 30, 100 and 200 kHz (in the range 70-6000 MHz)
      • Requirements for laptop / tablet Intel Core і3 / AMD Ryzen 3 or better (recommended Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5) 2 USB ports, one should be of SuperSpeed type (USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 or USB Type C) RAM 8 Gb or more SSD 128 Gb or more Windows 8,10,11. Screen size 12-14”
      • Powered by USB-port of laptop / tablet
      • Battery resource 1-1.5 hour
      • Duration of work from AC Unlimited
      • Displayed spectrum span 2 - 6000 MHz
      • Range of working temperature -5°C…+45°C / 23°F … 113°F


      • LTE
      • Analog Signals
      • Digital Signals
      • 3G
      • 4G
      • 5G
      • GPS
      • CDMA
      • GSM
      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi


      • Main unit
      • Carry case
      • USB drive with software and user manual
      • 1- Omni-directed wideband antenna ODA-4
      • 1- Microwave antenna MWA-6
      • 1- Microwave antenna LPDA-12
      • 4 Magnetic sticker for laptop or tablet
      • 2 Adapter USB type C – USB type A

      Laptop and/or Tablet NOT included

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