GPS900-4G iTrail® Solo Personal Real Time GPS Tracker Dimensions

GPS900-4G iTrail® Solo Real-Time GPS Tracker

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    • Our iTrail® Solo is a battery operated real-time GPS tracker that is designed to be small, and covert. The iTrail® Solo is visible from anywhere and can be easily accessed using the iTrail Live app on your mobile device or online using the iTrail® Live tracking software. SOS feature is great for emergencies or can be discreetly pressed to notify for back up.


      iTrail® Solo Real-Time GPS Tracker




      Covert Tracking


      Keep tabs and track vehicles, assets, and more using the iTrail® Solo 4G LTE GPS Tracker. The compact GPS tracker design means you can hide the device anywhere. The iTrail® Solo fits in a backpack, a glove box, can be mounted underneath a vehicle (magnetic case sold separately), and is small enough to slip between the cracks.


      Powerful Battery Operation

      The iTrail® Solo is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery. Our system monitors the overall battery life of your device and will send instant mobile alerts to notify you that the battery needs recharging.

      Need more power? Check out the iTrail Connect for our long lasting battery powered GPS tracker built to go into ultra-low standby mode for months or even years of tracking on one charge.

      Live GPS Tracking Visibility

      iTrail® Live GPS tracking software provides up to the second visibility, breadcrumb trails for historical playback, instant mobile alerts, geofencing, reporting, and more. Our tracking service runs on the most reliable networks for all over accurate North American Coverage with no long term contracts. Cancel at anytime, without penalty. 

      Mobile Alerts

      Start by downloading the iTrail® Live mobile app. Not only can you receive alerts that notify you of your iTrail® Solo’s location, you can open the app and view your device live, as it travels.






                        iTrail GPS App

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      • 4G LTE Network
      • Real-time GPS Tracking w/ location updates at 30 or 60 Seconds
      • No Contracts
      • Access GPS Tracker from anywhere at anytime
      • Free Mobile App Provides Full Tracking Control
      • Web-Based Tracking w/ Full Tracking Control
      • Text Message(SMS) Alerts
      • Arrival Alerts
      • Departure Alerts
      • Low Battery Alerts
      • Geofencing
      • SOS/Panic Button
      • Motion Sensing Battery Saver
      • Historical Playback
      • Text Reports
      • PC/MAC Compatible
      • Navigation Feature
      • LiveShare Feature
      • On/Off Switch

      Reliable Live Coverage all over North America

      Choose from multiple monthly, or annual plans with no long-term contracts. Cancel at anytime, no fees applied.

      • Personal Plan - $29.95/month 1 minute updates

      • Personal Plus Plan - $34.95/month with 30 seconds updates

      • 1 Month 10 Plan - $39.95/month with 10 second updates

      The iTrail® Solo allows you to keep moving and stay tracking on 4G LTE Network all over USA, Canada and Mexico.

      Tracking Uses

      • Law Enforcement Tracking

      • Executive Protection Tracking

      • Covert Vehicle Tracking

      • Asset Tracking


      • Rapid Installation
      • CELLULAR: 4G LTE | LTE eMTC/NB-loT | LTE B2/B4/B12/B13
      • Standby time: Without reporting [400 hours or 16.5 days] 5 Min Reporting [140 hours or 5.5 days] 10 min reporting: [180 hours or 7.5 days]
      • Water Resistant
      • OTA Control
      • Transmit Protocol: TCP, UDP, SMS
      • Scheduled Report: Report position and status based on preset time intervals, distance, mileage or a combination of these settings
      • Geo-Fences: Supports up to 20 fences
      • SOS/ Emergency Button: Alarm based on digital inputs
      • Low Power Alarm: Alarm when battery is low
      • Power Button: Power On and Off, can be disabled via air interface protocol
      • Special Alarm: Special alarm based on digital inputs
      • Motion Detection: Motion alarm based on interval 3-axis accelerometer
      • Vibration Feedback: Function Button with Vibration Feedback-Emergency alert or instant geo-fence setting
      • Ignition Detection: Digital Inputs: 1 positive trigger input for ignition detection, 1 negative trigger input for normal use
      • LED Indicators: CEL, GNSS, PWR
      • Position Accuracy (CEP): Autonomous: 2.5m
      • Certificate: PTCRB/FCC/Verizon/AT&T
      • GNSS Type: u-blox All in One GNSS receiver
      • Cellular Antenna: Internal Only
      • GNSS Antenna: Internal Only
      • USB 2.0 Port: Charging and Configuration
      • Battery: Li-Polymer 2600 mAh
      • Operating Temperature: -4º to 131ºF or -20° to 55°C
      • Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.05 x 3.07 in.
      • Weight: 3.28 oz. or .21 lbs.


      • iTrail GPS Tracker
      • iTrail Charger
      • iTrail SIM
      • iTrail IEM & Serial Number
      • iTrail Subscription Plan (Separate but Required)
      • iTrail Live App (Download free from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store)
      • iTrail Live Web Tracking Platform (

      Frequently Asked Questions 


      Q. Is there a monthly fee for this tracking service?
      A. Yes, the standard tracking fee is $29.95 per month, or you can choose our Personal Plan Plus and receive faster updates for $34.95 per month. 
      Q. Due I have to sign a contract?
      A. No, there are no contracts. You are billed monthly and can cancel the service at any time without penalty. 
      Q. Is it legal to track someone?
      A. Courts have continuously upheld the rights of vehicle owners to track their vehicles using GPS technology. Most users who run into legal trouble do so when placing trackers on vehicles that they have no legal ownership of. If you are using these trackers to track a vehicle that does not belong to you are you don't have a legal right to operate you are just asking for trouble.
      Q. How often does the tracker update?
      A. The default is 1 min. updates while in motion and every hour when no motion is detected (vehicle parked). You can adjust this rate to increase report rates that will in turn increase battery life.
      Q. Can this tracker be hidden inside a vehicle or backpack?
      A. Absolutely, the built in GPS antenna is supersensitive and will receive GPS signals under seats, in glove compartments, inside backpacks or other containers. 


      Q. Will the GPS tracking server give me an exact address where the tracker is?
      A. Most of the time, yes. We use Google maps and sometimes the addresses are off by a house number or two. You do have the ability to view the satellite version of the map which will show you greater detail. For instance, a tracker placed in a car in the driveway will actually show you a location indicator on the driveway. If it is parked in the street, it will show it in the street on the map.


      Q. Am I able to login to the GPS server from my cell phone?
      A. Yes, iTrail Live tracking software offers a free mobile app to work with any Apple or Android devices. 


      Q. Can I have multiple trackers on one map?
      A. Yes we can accommodate fleet tracking for you at no additional charge. Simply purchase an additional tracker and we will add it to your existing account.


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