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Hidden Microphone and Camera Detection and Protection - DD2010

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    • This hidden Microphone and camera detection and protection kit was designed to be used to find hidden cameras and hidden microphones and includes acoustic noise generators to complete the task. Set up the white noise devices when you cant be positive about the location or are not given enough time to find hidden threats before meetings and conferences.  Use the spy finder (sf103p) to search for all hidden pinhole cameras, even if they are turned off, then next or simultaneously you can use the POR10-G to search for wireless threats. Added to that set up the 4 J1000 acoustic noise generators to mask conversations from recorders that may be undetectable. ( standalone recorders that do not send out a signal cant be found )


      J1000 White noise Generator 


      Protection from eavesdropping meets the blended performance of this handheld, battery operate White Noise Generator. The J1000 creates an additional barrier of noise interference, reaching out farther than other models, making it possible to mask your conversation when confidentiality is necessary.

      PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector - DD804 for RF detection

      • Detects all GSM Bugs including Baby-Monitors/GSM Alarm/GSM Bugs
      • Detects all Cellular GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G Video Cameras & Listening Bugs
      • Detection Frequencies: GSM 880-915MHz, CDMA 824-849MHz, WCDMA (1920-1980MHz), and DCS (1710-1785MHz)
      • Detects Transmitting Spy Phones
      • Detects GPS Trackers while Transmitting
      • Detects Bluetooth Active Bugging Devices
      • Detects Spy Phones with Active Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
      • Ultra Sensitive will detect signals from up to 40 feet
      • Features 10 bar strength display

      Spy Finder Pro - SF-103P

      The SpyFinder Pro is a lightweight battery powered device that allows you to quickly identify and locate a camera by using an array of ultra-bright LED's. When the camera is found it is highlighted to the user, where it appears as a flickering bright spot of light. The SpyFinder will find any hidden camera transmitting or not. It’s so small you can carry it in your purse, suitcase or briefcase to have it with you at all time.
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