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HD WiFi KeyChain Camera

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      Covert surveillance video will never be the same again. This WiFi Enabled keychain video camera operates just like other models but gives you the added functionality of remote command and control.

      • 1080P 1920 X 1080 Covert Camera & DVR
      • P2P Local WiFi Interface
      • SD Card Recording up to 32 GB
      • “Eyes Off” Operation - Vibration Feedback
      • 66 Degree Field of View
      • Time / Date Overlay
      • 65 Min Run Time

      1080P Covert Camera & DVR
      The 1080P camera uses a pinhole lens and is capable of 1920 X 1080 HD video. This is the best possible quality you can get from any Key Chain Video Camera on the market. With a 66 degree field of view, left to right, you’ll capture exactly what you want and nothing more.

      P2P Local WiFi for Ultimate Control.
      The PV-RC200HDW has an on board WiFi interface that will broadcast a signal so that you can connect your smart phone or tablet using the free app.   Simply connect the app to the camera wirelessly and view, review, and download video in the field. Effective range is about 50 feet so you could be watching the footage as your partner captures it. Uploading to remote servers from the field is finally becoming a reality.

      SD Recording
      Video files are stored to a micro SD card up to 32GB SDXC so that you don’t have to rely on the WiFi connection. Simply hook the included USB cable to your computer or plug the card into a card reader for downloading.

      Vibration Feedback – “Eyes off”
      The last thing you want to do is be discovered when using your keychain video camera. A built in smart vibration feature gives you instant feedback when turned on / off and when record is pressed. You’ll always know what mode you’re in without looking down.

      1-Year Warranty and FREE Technical Support
      All Lawmate™ products carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime support.

      NOTE: This video demonstrates the audio version of this product.  This audio enabled version is for LAW ENFORCEMENT CUSTOMERS ONLY.  To receive the audio version you must prove that you are authorized to buy such a device.  

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    1. Brand Loyalty

      This product is simple and easy to use, it's versatile, practical, and a must have for any PI. I will use only lawmate from this point out. on 17th Mar 2018

    2. Awesome quality video but really bad customer service.

      Firstly, the video this gets is fantastic quality, couldn’t ask for better. It’s also pretty simple to use, three buttons - on and record, off, and WiFi. It’s probably me and just takes practice but I do have a bit of trouble with the app, viewing the video live on my phone, as I’m taking it. The only real downside to this device is it’s incredibly easy to turn it on, I ended up blowing my whole video in the car then having nothing when the guy went into a store, because something had hit the on button. So you can’t walk around with it in your pocket either. I’ve found a temporary box to house it in so hopefully it won’t happen again but it is irritating. Oh, and don’t expect to get through to someone on the phone for any help, there will be no one available, you’ll leave a message and never get a call-back. Which is super irritating! I think they need more staff to man the phones!!! Finishing on a positive note, it’s very easy to download the video, just pop out the memory card. And the instructions that come with it are simple... maybe a little too simple as they don’t cover everything, but it’s a nice, uncomplicated start for people like me who aren’t particularly technically minded! on 21st Dec 2017

    3. Best covert camera on the market

      If you work in the P.I. field, this camera is a must-have. I do a lot of surveillance (AOE/COE, insurance fraud) and this model is by far the best covert camera I have ever used. I own numerous covert cameras including the Pen Recorder Pro HD500 and there is simply no comparison. This wifi enabled keychain shoots high-quality HD video with a motion activation mode. It also has a stabilizer which allows for much smoother video than most covert cameras. I doubt I will use any other covert cam for a long time. Anyone in the industry who performs surveillance on a regular basis should have this item as part of their arsenal. on 9th Aug 2017

    4. Awesome Awesome & Awesome

      This is one heck of a product. It's simple to use. It's very discrete. I did a couple field tests with some friends no one suspected this was a camera. I showed them later and they were flabbergasted. If you want to record hd quality video discretely this is for you. I do have to point out when the key fob arrived at first it didn't record sound. Wonderful staff at quickly sent me a firmware update and that did the trick. There is also an app you can download to go along with this product. On the app you can configure SSID settings. You can even set SSID so it's undiscoverable meaning you have to manually type in network name [and password] to connect to the device. This is great by the way. The last thing you want is to have a discoverable network for this device so the network can be seen by others when they check their wifi settings. Undiscoverable SSID is a great feature. When you connect to the device via app you can configure resolution settings. I was a bit nervous about the frame rate. I saw ~20fps on YouTube and wasn't a fan. But the fps rate here (29 or 30, I forgot) is amazing. No matter how quickly you move it there is zero lag. Using the app you can even connect to the device with your phone, set the product and move upwards of 20-30 feet away and you can record or take photos with your phone. There is even motion activated recording option but I did not try that out. I will point out one more thing. As far as I understand you can only take photos via the app.

      Overall this is a great great great amazing amazing amazing product. Highly recommend it. Never know when you'll use it but you'll be glad you had it with you when you do need to use it.
      on 25th Jun 2017

    5. Good but no audio.

      Good product, good video quality, but comes without the audio. The thing is, there is no info on the webside about the lack of audio. But the add shows existence of it. Almost returned it. on 30th May 2017

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