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Protect 1206i - Dual Antenna RF Detector

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    • The Protect 1206i is a dual antenna RF detector that brings expert level counter surveillance to the palm of your hands. Use the protect 1206i to pinpoint the removal of unwanted hidden threats and prevent illegal electronic spying. 

      The Protect 1206i features a collection of sophisticated bug finding techniques including the ability correlate, and demodulate nearby radio frequency signals. In addition, the Protect 1206i RF detector possesses the widest detection range (50 kHz - 12 GHz) of any handheld device. Frequency detection includes all analog and digital wireless devices transmitting between 50 kHz - 12 GHz, including hidden cameras, hidden audio/microphones, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, 3G, and 4G/LTE.

      Protect 1206i Visual Readout

      The 16 segment bar graph displays a visual readout of RF signal strength. For strong radio frequency signals the bar graph will respond rapidly. For weak radio frequency signals the bar graph will respond slowly.

      Having the dynamic response range of the bar graph allows you to determine not only the frequency strength but also to approximate your distance from the transmitting source.

      Dual Antennas Detect w/ Pinpoint Accuracy

      Designed with dual antennas, the Protect 1206i sweeps across the entire 50 kHz - 12 GHz spectrum using ANT-1. When you use ANT-2 the Protect 1206i will pinpoint threats transmitting across two dialed-in frequency ranges (2.4-2.48 GHz, and 4.9-5.875 GHz) to help you hone in on common wireless hidden cameras and microphones.



      Correlation and RF Demodulation

      For assistance during your counter surveillance search, the Protect 1206i has an active correlation mode. When the 'CORR' button is pressed in close proximity to a hidden transmitter the unit produces a probing 'beep' signal. The sound is picked up by the transmitting bug and then relayed back to the 1206i. The 1206i receives and demodulates the transmitted waves. The demodulated wave can then be heard by the operator. The demodulated sound effectively helps identify the type of transmission and increase the operator's knowledge of the threat i.e. you hear a rapid ticking sound that indicates the transmitter is sending video not audio.


      • Widest Handheld RF Detection Range (50 kHz - 12  GHz)

      • Dual Antennas provide increase detection sensitivity

      • 2-4x more range using NEW microwave antenna

      • Demodulation identifies frequency source by sound

      • 16 segment bar graph with dynamic range

      • Detects wireless hidden cameras

      • Detects wireless hidden microphones

      • Detects sources from GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, 3G, and 4G/LTE.

      • Increased sensitivity against Bluetooth and WiFi signals

      • Durable metallic body

      • 3 alert modes: bar graph, vibration, and beep


      • Frequency range: ANT 1 = 50 - 6000 MHz, and ANT 2 = 2.4 - 2.48 GHz and 4.9 - 5.875 GHz
      • Power: Two ААА batteries
      • Current consumption: Up to 30 mA
      • Operation duration: Up to 20 hours
      • Indications: Active antenna, Low battery, Mode, Identification, Attenuation, Secondary demodulation
      • Micro-Pointer Antenna
      • Frequency range: 2-12 GHz
      • Type: Log-periodic array
      • Dimensions: 53 x 84 x 9 mm
      • Connector: SMA Male


      • Detector
      • Manual
      • Cleaning Cloth
      • 2 Antennas
      • Screw driver
      • 2 Batteries size AAA
      • 1 Year Warranty
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