Best RF Detectors 2020 – Our Picks for the Top 5 Bug Detectors of 2020

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Best RF Detectors 2020 – Top 5 Bug Detectors of 2020

Our top 5 RF detectors are listed below. We based our list on functionality and availability. All the devices we list are available here in the USA and ship from the USA. The basic RF detector or “Bug Detector” should have a wide frequency range and be able to locate hidden microphones and hidden video transmitters.

Much like the radio in your car an RF detector picks up RF “RADIO FREQUENCY” used by a device to send data, either video or audio or both. Bug detectors are designed to look for (receive) certain frequencies, most popularly used by covert spy cameras and hidden cameras.

Many detectors have some type of meter to give you an estimate of the strength of the signal that you have located. Some detectors use an attenuation circuit or control, to lower the sensitivity of the detector so you can narrow down your search to a more precise location. Even more bug and RF detectors have the ability to search multiple frequencies at the same time and to show you a numerical representation of the frequency found.

  • 1. Bug and Wireless Camera Detector Retail $99.00 found at SPYGADGETS

    This unit is able to locate digital and analog signals. A great starting point for your countermeasures kit. Very basic operation and it has a frequency range of (1MHz ~ 6000MHz). MHZ= Megahertz GHZ = Gigahertz. Best used in Homes as a beginner unit to help you find ALL signals, this detector does not differentiate between signal frequencies it locates every thing and you need to determine what is setting the device off.

  • 2.DD1206 iProtect - Extended Range RF Detector Retail $485.00 Found at LAWMATE

    The Protect 1206i is a dual antenna RF detector that brings expert level counter surveillance to the palm of your hands. Use the protect 1206i to pinpoint the removal of unwanted hidden threats and prevent illegal electronic spying.

  • 3.Multi-Channel Detector for Wireless - DD1207 Retail $795.00 Found at KJBSECURITY

    This multi-channel detector lets you search for several frequencies at once and with 6 separate level meters you can see what frequency is strongest and closest. With some research and time to learn the device you can find most any wireless transmitting device within the frequency range of 824-Mhz to 7000 Mhz.

  • 4.3-Band RF Detector – Bar Graph and Histogram Retail $ 795 Found At LAWMATE

    Use the attenuation feature and the histogram bar graph simultaneously to find RF transmitting devices using specific frequencies. Especially useful when searching for burst transmitters . In order to use this unit effectively, you need to have some experience with Detection equipment.

  • 5.LawMate Pocket RF Detector - RD-30 Retail $ 149.99 Found at SPYGADGETS

    This lawmate pocket RF detector has a dual function. It will locate RF signals and find hidden pinhole cameras, both wired and wireless. The addition of the built in lens finder makes this unit perfect for use in homes and small business. It is a reliable easy to use detector. This unit can be used to locate most RF signals and features a 20MHz - 6GHz frequency range. 

Remember when using RF detectors or Bug detectors that whoever placed a device have to have access to it at some point. So a signal from a blank wall is likely coming from the other side of the wall and probably not built inside the wall.

Before you begin your search with a detector you should do a physical search first. Take some time to check for new items, added to the room. Check for wires that go behind items, things that have been moved and other signs that someone has been in the location. Don’t forget UP and Down could someone stand on a chair and put a device in a light or add a new box on the base board.