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Expert Hidden Camera Finder - WEGA One

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    • Our WEGA One is the expert level hidden camera finder. What makes it expert level? The WEGA One features a rugged metal housing, durable enough to last for a lifetime of counter surveillance sweeping. Additionally, the WEGA One features adjustable brightness and extended range detection. Lastly, our IR filter lens helps to reject common reflections so your sweeping success is focused on camera removal only.


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      Detection at a Distance

      The WEGA One performs at a detection distance between 1 and 60 ft. The powerful, and adjustable brightness allows you to detect cameras hidden high up, or hidden below your line of sight. Nothing uncovers more hidden cameras, planted in more location than the WEGA One.

      How Does it Work?

      Some hidden cameras transmit video and that transmission is detectable with an RF detector. But what happens when the camera is turned off, or if the camera isn’t wireless?

      Using a series of extra bright red LEDs, the WEGA One projects a beam of light that will reflect off a pinhole lens. Simply press the power button to turn on the LEDs, hold the WEGA One close to your eye, and look through the IR filter. In that moment, use the LED light to scan every surface. Through the IR filter you will see a bright, but pindot size white reflection. The pindot reflection is an indication that a pinhole hidden camera lens has been located.


      • Detect Pinhole Hidden Cameras

      • Extended detection range - up to 60 ft

      • Detects idle hidden cameras

      • Detect wireless and non-wireless cameras

      • Durable metal housing

      • Adjustable brightness

      • IR filter rejects natural reflections

      • Long-lasting battery life

      • Counter hidden surveillance


      LED range: 2-60 ft.
      Battery: 2 x AAA
      Light weight
      Metal housing
      IR filter lens
      Adjustable LED brightness 


      WEGA One
      Screw Driver
      Cleaning Cloth
      2 Batteries size AAA


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