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Hidden Car Camera USB Charger with Night Vision

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    • Lawmate PV-CG20 Hidden Car Camera

      The Lawmate PV-CG20 Hidden Car Camera is the perfect 2 in 1 device; it functions as an everyday car charger and a hidden camera DVR with night vision. It pulls double duty by capturing discreet, law enforcement grade 1080p HD video footage.


      This can be used for around the clock vehicle security or investigative needs. The PV-CH20 can be used for CI meetings, undercover operations, and vehicle security. This hidden camera blends into the vehicle seamlessly as a common vehicle accessory, no one will suspect this in-car hidden camera functions as anything other than a car charger.

      USB Charger

      The USB port outputs enough power to use as a real car charger and it charges any device that uses a USB cord to charge.
      Camera Angles Matter
When designing this camera we took suggestions from real life under cover officers who wanted to capture just the passenger seat of the vehicle. The rotating head of the 1080p Covert Hidden Car Camera DVR with IR's offers a slight right to left and up and down rotation to give you an adjustable camera angle.  

      How it Works

      Plug it into the car lighter adapter port and adjust the camera direction with the rotating base. Rotate cover to expose on-board controls, insert memory card (16GB included, compatible to 32GB) and with one flip of the switch the unit is operational and ready to capture day or night 1080p HD Law Enforcement quality video footage.


          •    1080P HD performance
          •    Built-in DVR with IR-Night Vision
          •    Day time & Night Time Recording
          •    Continuous Recording
          •    1 Functioning USB port
          •    One touch on and off
          •    Choose to hide memory slot and buttons
          •    Plug and play operation
          •    Allows for users to adjust the camera direction with the rotating head
          •    Time and Date stamp on video
          •    Support up to 32GB memory card, 16GB Memory Card Included
          •    20 min battery life- If charge port doesn’t maintain power while the vehicle is turned off
          •    1 year warranty


      • Car Charger Hidden Camera

      • 16GB Memory card

      • USB power cable

      • Lawmate PV-CG20 Manual



      Q. Does the car charger operate when my car is turned off?

      A. While some cars may provide power to the 12V adapter when the vehicle is off, many cars do not. Our system has a built-in battery that provides 20 minutes of power when the car’s vehicle battery is off. This backup battery ensures that your video files are properly saved but was not designed to be used to record when the car battery is off.


      Q. Will the car charger charge all my USB devices?

      A. The car charger produces 5V 1.1A of power output. Most mobile phones require 1.1A output, while some tablets require a higher amperage. We encourage you to check the power requirements of your USB devices before charging.


      Q. Does the car charger record in low light?

      A. The Car Charger features a light rating of 0.1 LUX which is the equivalent of being able to record a clear picture in deep twilight.


      Q. How many hours of video are recorded per GB of memory?

      A. Approximately, 2 hours per GB. Meaning, 1 GB of memory is equivalent to 2 hours of video being recorded.

      Q. Do you have a spec sheet I can print?

      A. Yes, here is the spec sheet for the Lawmate PV-CG20

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