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Protector Deluxe 10G - Multifunctional Detector and Camera Lens Finder

Protect Deluxe-10G
  • Advanced, extended range detection doesn’t have to be expensive. The Protector Deluxe 10G is a multifunctional counter surveillance product equipped with 5 essential detection systems in 1 handheld device. Use the Protector Deluxe 10G to locate, and remove any and all counter surveillance threats. Be it a wireless camera, a non-wireless camera, a GPS tracker, an audio bug, the Protector Deluxe 10G’s will accurately detect the source.

    5-in-1 Handheld Detection

    Featuring the ability to detect wireless digital/analog radio frequencies, mask private conversations (white noise generator), detect serial and parallel wire taps, laser signals, and the Protect Deluxe 10G camera lens finder. No other device offers an advanced system, complete with all the features needed to remove any and all threats.

    Extended Range Detection

    Detect wireless analog/digital signals across an extended range from 10 MHz - 10 GHz. The range will allow you to scan the entire spectrum of known hidden surveillance threats.

    Non-Wireless Camera Detection

    Using the camera lens finder (attachment), you can detect any pinhole camera lens. The camera lens finder was designed to detect both non-wireless hidden cameras and hidden cameras that have been turned off remotely.


    • Detects all concealed transmitting bugs

    • Locates all hidden cameras powered or not

    • Locates all GPS tracking beacons while active

    • Instant confirmation of transmitting sources within range

    • All 3G/4G cellular phones

    • All active cordless DECT phones

    • All active Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices

    • All wired & wireless video cameras

    • All active radio transmitters with analog modulation (AM, FM, PM)

    • All active radio transmitters with digital modulation and continuous carrier (FSK, PSK, etc.)


    Cellular Detection Frequencies: GSM 850/ 900E/1800/1900, UMTS 850/900/1800/1900/2100 (3G), CDMA 450 (A-H)/800/1900 standards. LTE, GSM, GPRS, GPS, WCDMA, UMTS, TDSCDMA
    Radio Frequency Response 10MHz ~ 10GHz
    Telesecurity - Audio Frequency Range: 250Hz ~ 5KHz
    Wireless tapping even with VOX
    Hidden cameras, Hardwired and Wireless
    Wire telephone tapping even on cable
    Computer and Fax transmitters
    Series and Parallel transmitters
    Transmitting GPS trackers (only when GPS device is transmitting signal location)
    Devices on internet phone and IP phone
    Laser Tapping
    Wire telephone tapping
    Recordings of a voice recorder, tape, digital and parabolic reflector using white noise generator


    Detection Device Unit
    Lens finder attachment
    Ac adapter
    Carry strap
    2 telephone cables
    Telephone connector
    Quick start guide and instructions


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