Detect Hidden Cameras and Audio Bugs in Hotels: 6 Tips for a Safe Hotel Stay

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Detect Hidden Cameras and audio bugs in Hotel Rooms: 6 Tips for a Safe Hotel Stay

You’ve checked into your room and you are now safe from the outside world.

Finally a few minutes to yourself. Will you relax in your hotel room, take a shower or a nap? And of course it will all be in private, right?

If you think it can't happen to you, you're wrong!

Hidden cameras can be installed in almost any device in any room and are sometimes invisible to the naked eye. Unfortunately the evening news is packed with stories of guests being spied upon in their hotel rooms. The choice to assume privacy is no longer there.

1. Use a spy finder to quickly sweep for hidden cameras:

Spyfinder Hidden Camera Detector

These lens finders are simple to use and completely portable. They are easy to travel with and they don’t take a lot of time to set up and use. If you can push a button you can find hidden cameras, even those with a lens the size of a pinhole. When the infrared light of the camera finder reflects off the hidden camera lens, it shows up as a bright white spot through the viewfinder. Some hidden cameras hide the lens behind a translucent covering. That won't stop a spy finder. It will detect a hidden camera even if it is turned off, no matter what it is concealed inside of.

SpyFinder Hidden Camera Locator

 2. Check the space with a wireless detector:

Wireless RF Detector by Lawmate

Use a wireless detector to find RF signals that may be transmitting video of you to another location. A wide range bug and signal detector can locate frequencies used for hidden cameras and microphones. These detectors search for the type of device that can stream live video from your room to anywhere in the world. Wireless devices can be as simple as a cell phone modified to send a constant video or a device designed solely for spying on you.

3. Watch out for hidden audio transmitters:

RF Signal FindersGuard against identity theft or spilling corporate intel by ensuring your conversations are private. Searching the area for bugs and microphones by using an RF signal detector for audio signals. Audio bugs can hear what you say so disrupting them from hearing you will keep you safe.

4. Use a camera hunter to seek out covert cameras:

Video Camera Hunter

The big brother of a camera lens finder, a camera hunter can be used to sweep your room for all types of wireless covert cameras. Use a camera hunter to find the actual video signal from a transmitting camera. Keep this device with you to check for hidden wireless video cameras. Using the built in screen, you will see what the camera sees, and know where to find a covert device right away. They are compact units that can travel with you and keep your room private.

5. Get two in one detection with multi function camera and wireless signal detectors:

These transportable little camera and bug detectors are perfect for travel. Use them to find hidden pinhole cameras, wireless signals and even some audio bugs. This type of device finds cameras that are active and inactive. They will search for both wireless signals and find the lens of a pinhole camera.

6. Stomp out spy bugs with analog and digital bug detectors:

Using a device like this takes some practice but it’s worth it in the long run. Find GSM and smart phone style transmitters, video and audio, and even locate weak signals. GSM or Cell phone transmitters can send video out via Bluetooth and wifi and even the phone signal itself. Set the bug detector to search for a specific frequency if you have suspicions that a frequently used hotel room might be bugged.